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Colorful Caterpillars Personal Checks

Product # ZANJ-08 (Colorful Caterpillars Personal Checks)
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Guard your personal checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000 for only $3.25 per box of checks ordered.    Click for details
EZShield pioneered Check Fraud Protection nearly a decade ago and today uses its experience and expertise to anticipate all forms of identity-related fraud, providing affordable and simple products and services that help shield your complete identity, on all fronts, all the time.

EZ Shield Check Fraud Protection means that in the event of check fraud due to forged signatures, forged endorsements or altered checks, EZ Shield will advance you up to $25,000 so that you are burden free while giving your financial institution time to fully resolve the fraud. Click here for more information »

Caterpillars Personal Checks ? These delicate and flawless creatures are truly magnificent! These exquisite creatures inhabit the world and have evolved over the years to protect themselves as well as blend in with their surroundings. You can?t argue that the colors and shapes of these caterpillars are nothing short of amazing. These ?eating machines? can shed their skin four or five times as their bodies grow until they eventually turn into their adult form of a beautiful moth or breathtaking butterfly. Capture these amazing creatures with these incredible Colorful Caterpillars Personal Checks before they fly away!